Which kn95 masks are recalled?

Which kn95 masks are recalled?
Which kn95 masks are recalled?

The recalled Kn95 masks are those that don’t meet the set quality standards. In other words, they don’t protect users as expected. News has it that Spain, Netherlands, and Canada among other countries have recalled some Kn95 masks distributed from China. This news has shocked people who rely on top quality products to guard them against contaminations like health caregivers. According to health officials from some countries, the filters in the recalled masks didn’t function appropriately, and they did not fit well.

Due to the shortage of the masks, which is primarily contributed by the new coronavirus, many countries have found themselves in a state where the only protecting devices available fail to meet the required standard. The issue with some Kn95 masks was initially discovered by health facilities that received them. In this case, health workers found that the covers didn’t fit as expected. Therefore, this made them doubt their quality as well.

Testing KN95 mask Raised Concerns

In many countries, Kn95 masks were certified for medical use due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, to expand the accessibility of the typical N95 masks during the epidemic, the corresponding alternative, in this case, Kn95 was acceptable. This is because both legitimate Kn95 and N95 masks are similar when it comes to performance, materials, design, and filtration standards. Nonetheless, testing performed recently raised concerns regarding some Kn95 masks. Especially those that contain ear loop design, which makes them not fit properly.FFP2 face masks should contain a filter efficiency of 95%. If you needs, You can check KN95 for sale on hoycomoayer.us However, a source was cited stating that the quality of recalled Kn95 covers did not match that of FFP2 nor FFP1. This means that their filter efficiency was less than half of the designation needed for FFP2. This makes them unsafe for users as they are likely to expose them to contaminants.

Low Quality Kn95 Masks

In Missouri, the masks recalled masks under the brandnames SANQUI and Huabai. Also, they have Chinese typescript on their cellophane packaging. Some of these Kn95 covers are believed to have been distributed by SEMA. Therefore, country authorities and healthcare facilities are recommended to review their supply of Kn95 masks. This is to affirm that the masks meet the technical specifications for a healthcare setting.

Companies that might be distributing or importing low-quality Kn95 respirators are requested to stop their sale immediately mainly because they don’t meet the effectiveness and safety standards.

Quality Assurance

Countries that are experiencing a shortage of respirators are urged to conduct a quality verification of imported protective devices. Confirmation should be done before giving out this equipment to other locations to be distributed to frontline healthcare givers. For Kn95 masks, verification includes a visual examination to check for imperfections in their construction and design. Also, the respirators should be tested to ensure they meet the filtering specifications.


The affected countries promise to ensure that the companies involved in distributing the substandard products take necessary action to discontinue selling the impacted products. In addition, such companies should notify their customers to guarantee their safety. They have also advised to rebrand the existing stock of Kn95 masks as facemasks rather than respirators. It is essential to note that though the recalled Kn95 covers are not suitable for healthcare providers, people using the masks outside a healthcare environment can continue using them.

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