which kn95 masks are approved?

which kn95 masks are approved?
which kn95 masks are approved

As we look forward to fighting off various airborne diseases, including the coronavirus, safety will always be a priority. In the recent past, the CDC has reported a shortage of N95 masks, which caused great panic among many people. Fortunately, China was ready to export their KN95 masks to the country.

With people still concerned about this product, not many were convinced that it was safe. It is in this light that various regulatory bodies stepped in to address the issue. While both the CDC and FDA highlighted the approval of these KN95 masks, there are still fears of exposure to counterfeits. The big question, therefore, is which KN95 masks are approved.

According to the FDA, KN95 masks only become eligible once they meet specific criteria. That will often include documentation indicating their authenticity. As such, we take a look at the features that show genuine KN95 masks.

Ideally, the KN95 and the N95 are relatively akin, as they both have the potential of capturing at least 95% of tiny particles. Most of these particles are about 0.3 microns. However, this does not mean that they cannot capture smaller particles.

The total inward leakage that a KN95 mask comes with is either less than or equal to 8%, which shows how reliable the cover can be. While at it, This mask also an inhalation resistance of less than 350 Pa. Authentic KN95 masks will also come with a flow rate of approximately 85L/min. It will also be fair to mention that it prides itself on a less than 1% CO2 clearance requirement.

What does the FDA consider in certifying these masks?

• Certified KN95 masks will always undergo fit-tests, which is a requirement too in many companies today.

• The FDA confirms the pressure of each KN95. Usually, the KN95 come with stricter requirements for pressure dropping whenever breathing. As such, you will be confident of enhanced breathability.

How to Test your KN95 at home

• Use water

Usually, you will first need to hold the mask by its elastic band. Ensure that this mask is facing up before you pour a cup of water into it. As long as there is no leakage, you will be sure of the reliability of your mask. These masks are usually waterproof, and any leakage should be a red sign.

  • Use a lighter

    In this test, you will first need to wear your mask, and then hold a lighter at least six inches away from your face. While holding the lighter that far, try to put the flame off. Be wary of any mask that makes this possible. Any authentic KN95 cover will not allow you to blow out this flame, regardless of how hard you try. Remember, they feature strong, yet breathable mesh nylon that allows limited pressure to go out.

In conclusion, you can hardly doubt the reliability and safety of these KN95 masks. As long as you consider the tests mentioned above, you will have no reason to worry. However, always be cautious about where you buy your stuff.

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