Simple Way to Understand Which kn95 Masks Are Counterfeit

Simple Way to Understand Which kn95 Masks Are Counterfeit
Simple Way to Understand Which kn95 Masks Are Counterfeit

What mask should I wear? How do I check the quality? How do I even differentiate them? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. With the corona virus spreading fast across the world, it has become paramount that everyone takes personal safety precautions seriously. Key among the instructions we’re all being given out here is that we must wear masks. So far, wearing KN95 masks, washing hands, sanitizing and maintaining social distance have been listed as the key steps towards staying safe. But how do you really check which kn95 masks are counterfeit? Lets first understand what Kn95 masks mean.

What are KN95 Masks

N95 masks are the equivalent of KN95 masks used in China which is a mark of assurance that they are of proven quality standards in preventing inhalation of covid 19. The initials N95 actually refer to the 95% filtration rate. In this case, your face is like a vault while the mask is like that vault’s door. It is normal to ensure that the door to this vault is as thick as possible to prevent a thief who in this case is the corona virus from entering. Well, having the door alone won’t be enough as you have to ensure that the seal in between the frame and the door is tight. Globally, authorities have be drawn to the fact that there are plenty of dealers out here selling fake or counterfeit masks. You’ve perhaps heard of countries confiscating such masks. This is because having a counterfeit mask is much more dangerous than not having one at all as it gives you false confidence to walk in crowded places where you can easily contract the virus. Well, how do you point out which Kn95 masks are counterfeit?

Most counterfeit Kn95 masks come with ear loops

There is every chance that you’ve seen these masks. The elastic ones which give allowance to hold on ears. Others run to the back of the head making them easy to simply put on in a manner that you won’t need to tie them. The thinking is that most of them are loose. Quality masks should be tied tightly at the back of the head giving no space between the mouth or nose area with the mask. Ideally, people have different head and ear sizes, by simply producing set sizes, there is a high chance that the mask won’t hold tight for persons with smaller faces. This is different from quality KN95 masks which one can simply adjust when tying them on.

Check your Kn95 equivalent

Another thing you have to understand when checking out which kn95 masks are counterfeit is that they are manufactured for different standards. Different countries have their own standards. For instance, a Kn95 mask made under Chinese standards of GB2626-2006 cannot qualify for sell as NIOSH in the US which are manufactured under different standards. Some country specific standards include: KN95 (China GB2626–2006), DS2 (Japan MHLW-Notification 214, 2018), N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84) and FFP2 (Europe EN 149–2001). Checking for your country’s specific standard is crucial in determining which ones are fake or real.

Here are some obvious signs of a counterfeit KN95 mask:

  • Wrong NIOSH spelling
  • No Manufacturer markings
  • Availability of decorative addons/fabric
  • Absence of markings on the facepiece
  • Presence of ear loops or elastic rubber

Finally, you should be careful enough to point out which kn95 masks are counterfeit as it’s even more dangerous to have a fake mask than not to have one. This is as equally important for frontline healthcare givers as it is for other individuals. Don’t become an easy corona virus target, get a top-quality mask. Together, we shall overcome.

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