Calendar of Events
Items Timings Venue Remarks
On the Occasion of Children's Day Celebration Magic & Talking Doll Shows
Magician Ipshita Ganguly &
Magician Satyadip Banerjee & Magician Partha
12 November - 6.30pm
13 November - 6pm
14 November - 6.30pm
On the Occasion of Children's Day Celebration Go as you like(Fancy Dress) Eligibility : Gr. A 4-8Yrs
Gr. B 8Yrs 1 Day-12Yrs
NCM Entry Fee - Rs. 30/-
Last date of entry :
10 November 2016
Admit cards are available from 1st October to 10 November 2016 from NCM & Ankur
Final Results of 20th Jugal Srimal Scholarship 2016

2nd Round Results of Tagore Foundation Jugal Srimal Scholarship 2016

20th Jugal Srimal Scholarship Preliminary Round Results 2016
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