Calendar of Events
Annual Art Exhibition 2018 will be held on 10 and 11 March, 17 and 18 march and 24 and 25 March, 2018 between 4 and 6.45 pm at the Museum Art Gallery. Click for details
45th Sit and Draw Contest on 30th - 31st March, 2018
Click to view/download Application Form and Rules & Regulations
21st Jugal Srinal Scholarship Result 2017
* Final Result of Bharatnatyam

* Final Result of Kathak

* Final Result of Odissi

* Final Result of Rabindra Sangeet-Group-A

* Final Result of Rabindra Sangeet-Group-B

* Final Result of Rabindra Sangeet-Group-C

* Final Result of Kobita-Abriti-Group-A

* Final Result of Kobita-Abriti-Group-B

* Final Result of Kobita-Abriti-Group-C

* Second Round of Kobita-Abriti-Group-A

* Second Round of Kobita-Abriti-Group-B

* Preliminary Round of Bharatnatyam

* Preliminary Round of Kathak

* First Round of Rabindra Sangeet -Group-A

* First Round of Rabindra Sangeet -Group-B

* First Round of Rabindra Sangeet -Group-C

* First Round of Kobita-Abriti-Group-A

* First Round of Kobita-Abriti-Group-B

* First Round of Kobita-Abriti-Group-C

* Preliminary Round of Oddisi

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